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Ro & Ritzy Apparel is a premium sustainable custom clothing and accessories manufacturer in the UK. We specialise in menswear, womenswear, activewear, denimwear, kidswear, uniform and accessories. We offer an extensive range of customisation options that a clothing brand needs to become unique and creative. We provide multiple customisation options, ranging from different fabric types, including organic and eco-friendly natural dyed fabrics, various prints, embroidery, and sublimation to many finishing options such as buttons, zips, and labels.


Building Your Dream Clothing Brand

Whether your vision for your next clothing line is minimalistic or bold in style, we strive to make it happen. At Ro & Ritzy, we're proud to give you full creative control over the design of your clothing to make it come alive. 


In the case, if you need help with your designs, no worries. Because we specialize in manufacturing clothing for various brands and businesses in the UK and across the world, we’re well experienced with the challenges and needs that many startups go through. That’s why we offer our assistance every step of the way to make sure that your process is as seamless and easy as possible. We’ll take care of the heavy-duty lifting so that you can maximize your time building your dream brand. 


What We Offer

An International Supply Chain

We manufacture specialised clothing lines for famous brands in the USA, the UK, Canada, and the EU that require low minimum quantities. 
We have many success stories to share, where many clothing brands became big in their own countries using our services, and many of those left positive reviews for us, thanking us for being their backbone. Some brands preferred not to disclose their manufacturing facilities, but many did and they are the ones who left us reviews. We value the privacy of small clothing brands and do not disclose their manufacturing options publicly until they ask us. 

Ethical Production 

We provide Ethical Production: Sweat Shop Free Manufacturing. All our products are manufactured by highly skilled and professional workers. They are paid 30% more than the average industry. This practice enhances the quality of the product and makes them work with their heart and soul.

Young Models



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