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Bulk Clothing Manufacturer UK, Europe, USA, India, Austalia, UAE

Tailored to perfection

Ro and Ritzy is the high-quality Sustainable, Organic and Eco-friendly Bulk Clothing Manufacturers and Exporter of made-to-order garments.

We are the most trusted sustainable and eco-friendly made-to-orde GOTS certified standard bulk clothing manufacturer for knitted and woven garments in the UK and India.  Being a bespoke bulk order clothing manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of customisations including design development, custom fabric production, sampling, CAD, various embroidery and printing techniques, washing and trimming selections for woven & knitwear garments. Our range of services covers almost everything you may need to produce your collection with 100% customisation. 

About us

We stand out as a quality-focused garments and textiles manufacturer with years of experience and great research skills. We cater our custom clothes and accessories manufacturing services to many leading clothing fashion brands, brands, independent fashion designers, high fashion international boutiques, multinational fashion wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers, majorly from USA, UK, Australia, UAE and European countries.

We are expert in producing custom design woven, knitted, and denim fabrics and clothing for menswear, womenswear and childrens wear. Our main goal is to start and finish our manufacturing with the least amount of carbon emissions.

Ro and Ritzy is based in London, UK. However, we have strategically established our production facility in India, It enables us to offer an extensive selection of GOTS certified organic materials, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled fabrics, and many customisation possibilities, including eco-friendly and natural colour dying, embroidery, and printing to create distinctive and sustainable brands for our clients.

Our facility is outfitted with the most advanced technology and machinery , as well as highly skilled staff who can create any design to perfect blend of feel, fit, and finishing to maintain high quality standards with ethical practice. 

The Premier Destination for Bulk clothing Manufacturing and Wholesale Production

With our extensive experience in large-scale garment manufacturing, we cater to clothing brands, retailers, and businesses of all sizes. Our custom clothing production services are tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring exceptional quality and timely delivery.

Small to bulk Order
from 25 pcs to 10000+ pcs
Custom Desing
Wide varieties of customisation options
Competitive Pricing
Commitment to competitive pricing
Sustainable Solutions
Prioritize environmentally conscious practices



Best Sustainable Custom Apparel & Accessories Manufacturer 2022

What We Offer
Perfection Today, Pride Tomorrow

Organic Bulk Clothing and Fabric Supplier

Eco-friendly/ Organic
Custom Fabric

FPP Bulk Clothing Manufactuer

Quality Craftsmanship

Bulk T-Shirts Printing Service & Manufactuer for Wholesalers and Suppliers

Printing & Dyeing


Latest Technique


Premium bulk clothing manufacturers UK, Europe, USA, CANADA, Australia, India

Ethical & Fair-Trade

Best Bulk Clothing Manufactuers in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, India and Australia

Best Quality Control

Ro and Ritzy is a trusted bulk clothing manufacturer specializing in wholesale clothing production and large-scale garment manufacturing. With our expertise in custom clothing production, we cater to retailers, clothing brands, and promotional campaigns. Our high-volume apparel manufacturing capabilities enable us to meet your demands efficiently, while our customized clothing manufacturing services ensure that your garments are tailored to your specifications. Whether you need clothing manufacturing for e-commerce, private labels, or apparel manufacturing for startups, we provide fast turnaround times without compromising on quality. We are committed to sustainable bulk clothing production, offering eco-friendly options that align with your brand's values. Experience our top-notch customized garment manufacturing services and elevate your brand to new heights.
b2b clothing wholesale suppliers in UK & Europe
We offer a wide range of Organic - Sustainable - Eco Friendly Fabrics.

Our strong partnerships with mills means we can directly source raw materials, offering the latest sustainable, recycled and eco-friendly materials, toxic-free dyeing and printing processes. All our suppliers are certified with appropriate accreditations.

Organic Bulk Clothing Manufacturer Supplier in UK, Europe, USA, Australia

Sustainable | Eco Friendly Clothing Manufacturers in UK for Wholesalers & Suppliers

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GOTS Certified Bulk Clothing Manufacturers  USA

Workwear manufacturers   & Supplier in UK, Europe, Australia, USA

Custom Scrub manufacturers  & Supplier for WholesalersUK Europe, USA

Bulk Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

We are a bespoke Bulk Clothing manufacturer in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Newzealand. As a trusted bulk clothing manufacturer, we produce high-quality organic and eco-friendly GOTS standard Clothes manufacturing for menswear, menswear, womenswear, kids-wear, uniforms, workwear, denim wear, loungewear and accessories, offering various perfect fittings, custom fabrics, various printing, washing, and certified dyeing options.

b2b clothing wholesale suppliers in europe

Ro & Ritzy is a private label organic and eco-friendly bulk order woven and knitwear manufacturer and supplier for major fashion brands, wholesalers, and suppliers in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We manufacture various high-quality garments for menswear, womenswear, and childrenswear, as well as workwear, loungewear, and denimwear, providing sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly customisation options.

Ethical production Standards

We strive to develop an eco-friendly approach towards the environment by producing sustainable and organic textiles and adhering to ethical production standards.


Our mission is to offer the best organic and environmentally friendly garments while avoiding unnecessary harm and use our business to promote and support organic fashion brands all around the world. All the services needed to create retail-ready clothing are offered by Ro & Ritzy, including designing, weaving, printing, embroidery, dying, labelling, and packing.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers  in UK, USA, India, Canada, Australia, Newzealand

With a team of Quality Control and Quality Assurance professionals checking and auditing each and every step of the process, we manufacture 100% High-Quality Custom Apparel.

How to find best bulk clothing manufacturs in UK, Europe, Australia, Canda, India?
Fabric Quality Check

We follow a 4 point system for fabric inspection to measure the quality level of the fabric

How to find a best sustainable, organic and eco-friendly bulk custom design clothing manufcturer?
Tailoring Art of Stitching

We have an experienced and technical team that ensures the tailoring art of stitching

how to get wholesale clothing suppliers in india, UK, Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, Newzealand?
Final Quality Check

After garments are sewn, our quality control team, do an audit of the ready garments.

We Are The Leading Eco-Friendly Bulk Clothing Manufacturer in UK & Europe

Why Us For
Sustainable Bulk Clothing Manufacturer?

  • High Skilled Manpower

  • Full Service Clothing Manufacturing

  • Latest Techniques and Machineries

  • Creative Design and Development

  • Worked with Major Fashion Brands & Suppliers

  • Bulk Order Capacity

  • Quality Eco-friendly Manufacturing

  • British Made Award Winner 2022

  • Ethical & fair-trade Manufacturing

  • Strong Sustainable Initiatives

  • Global Supply Chain

  • Competitive Cost

  • Efficient and short lead times

Bulk Jackets & Streetwear Manufactuers for Suppliers and  Wholesalers



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