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Customise your fashion brand with the best clothing & accessories manufacturer in the UK and internationally. Many customers started their brands with us, now became a well-known established clothing brands in their country.


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Fashion

We’re on a mission to help build sustainable ritzy clothing brands that shape and define an entire industry through thoughtful design.

Garment Manufacturers UK, Ro & Ritzy produces high quality sustainable custom clothing for your business needs. We focus on small and medium size to big production run for the luxury end of the fashion market. we proudly work to customise clothing for your brand by providing you with a full range of low-priced orders. No matter if you're a new startup, a small business, a boutique, or a fashion designer.


We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World

If you are looking for the best clothing manufacturers in UK. and Europe Then,

Ro and Ritzy is a Prominent Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer in the UK.

We are a UK-based manufacturer of private-label clothing. We manufacture made-to-order clothing for streetwear, children's wear, activewear, organic clothing, uniforms, clothing accessories, denim and jeans. We are committed to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly custom clothing. We offer a variety of products and services to support our customers. So they can create fashionable and sustainable quality garments within the fastest lead time.

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Design & Development

We help you to develop custom measurements & tech packs. Similarly, we can create a custom pattern and grade your dimensions up and down to create new sizes for your design.

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Low Quantity Order

Our standard is in exceeding your expectations. We strive to provide quality custom garments and accessories at a low price, while still providing a high quantity per design.

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We offer a low price to  free samples and prototypes after every order you place to ensure that the functionality and design live up to your vision.

Best Qaulity Clothing Manufacturer UK

Quality Production

All of our clothing gets processed through a high standard quality control procedure. Our skilled technicians cut, stitch and finish your garments by hand and latest machines.

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Fabric Sourcing

We source only the highest quality fabrics from our vast network of reputable fabric suppliers and textile mills. We offer an extensive range of certified organic, natural dyed, recycled and custom print fabrics.

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Bulk Clothing Production

We produce orders in bulk. But we still hand make all the items and quality check them to ensure that every item meets our quality standard for your clothing line.



In being able to offer the lowest minimum order quantity to large production, we can uniquely provide the most affordable solutions for small businesses and startups to big brands, all while ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Ro & Ritzy is based in the UK clothing manufacturer. However, our production takes place internationally in our own apparel manufacturing units in India. The advantages of keeping our manufacturing facility in India allow us to customise your clothes at a lower price compared to others.

We provide our clients the opportunity to create and customise their apparel and accessories at a low quantity per style/design, in a variety of sizes.

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Our profession lies in producing custom ritzy clothing for men and women, workwear, sportswear, lingerie, undergarments, jeans & denim wear, school uniforms and accessories, in particular bags, caps, socks and aprons.

We pride ourselves on giving you full creative control over the design of your clothing to make it come to life. We provide private labelling, hardware, machine and hand embroidery, denim wear and wash, screen printing, sublimation and various printing facilities to our customers for their custom-made clothing brands.

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Our production team's primary goal is to enhance productivity. By using operations layouts, technical and professionally trained and skilled manpower, latest techniques and machinery, we achieve the targets with quality standards.

This gives us the ability to produce many types of garments simultaneously with a large capacity of production per day.​ 

Are you searching for clothing manufacturers near me, preferably a clothing factory near me in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia that offers cheap prices and ritzy clothing manufacturing options too? Ro and Ritzy is a distinguished name in the world of clothing manufacturing, proudly representing British clothing manufacturers with a legacy of craftsmanship and excellence. Our company is at the forefront of the garment manufacturing industry in the UK, renowned for producing high-quality apparel that meets the unique needs of our clients. Whether you're an emerging fashion brand or an established player, Ro and Ritzy offers tailored solutions to bring your fashion dreams to life. We operate as one of the leading clothing manufacturers in England, with a commitment to quality, innovation, and ethical practices. From our clothing factory in the UK to our extensive network of garment suppliers, we provide comprehensive support to fashion brands looking to make their mark. Ro and Ritzy specialises in custom clothing manufacturing, private label options, and sustainable practices, making us the preferred choice for those seeking the best clothing manufacturers in the UK. Partner with Ro and Ritzy to turn your fashion vision into reality and experience the excellence that sets us apart in the industry.

Casual Clothing


We are a highly-skilled clothing manufacturer

Men's and Women's Private Label Clothing Manufacturer In UK.

UK Garments Factory for Startups

At Ro & Ritzy, we make sure that the low prices go together with top quality to ensure your expectations are exceeded.


Our Quality Department is committed to providing quality garments that meet your requirements to reach your vision.


We rely on a global supply chain. We’re on top of the latest fashion trends and can keep your business needs at the forefront of fashion innovation.


Our manufacturing sites and infrastructure are strategically located in India as India is the world's largest producer of cotton, silk and produces 50% of the world's raw jute and jute products.


 The fashion industry in India is growing rapidly. It is expanding by an average of 20.8% each year and reaching €24 billion by 2023. This is making India a popular destination for fashion production.

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We're proud to give you full creative control over the design of your clothing to make it come alive. We are a specialised clothing manufacturer in UK, Europe and across the world for various brands and businesses. We’re well experienced with the challenges and needs that many startups go through.


Our cutting department is equipped with the latest CAD / CAM system for pattern designing and grading. It helps us to reduce fabric wastage and enhance the fabric's usability. Our manual laying and cutting production runs in parallel to ensure the needs of the stitching sections are met.

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We offer our complete support as soon as you contact us about any questions or order inquiries. Even if you're new to the whole process, or if you have a vision, we're excited to get you started. No matter what your goal is. We work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction. We provide you with a full guarantee that your order will fulfil the highest standards and expectations.

If you run into issues, we’ll always be reliable to resolve the problems you encounter. We are confident in our production process. We’ll fully guarantee your satisfaction with our streamlined production process or replace your order without hesitation.


Funky Feather LTD

London, UK

Over the last year, Ro and Ritzy have been producing my apparel line. They went above and beyond to help me in developing my first clothing brand. They offer the best fabric and customisation options, as well as a quality finished product, competitive price with no payment required until the sample is approved and bulk production begins, along with payment options. They are constantly available if you have any problems at any step of the manufacturing process of your new brand.




Best Sustainable Custom Apparel & Accessories Manufacturer 2022

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