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Ro & Ritzy is the Sustainable Denimwear & Denim Jeans Manufacturer in the UK

We are a well-known Denimwear & Denim Jeans manufacturer in the UK, We specialised in denimwear production. We produce high-quality denimwear for men, women, and children, providing sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly denim fabrics options and offering the latest and in-trend washing and dyeing with a top-notch quality of customisation and stitching.

We Are The Leading Eco-Friendly Denim Jeans Manufacturer in UK & Europe

Why Us For Sustainable Denimwear?

Ro & Ritzy is specialised in producing denim wear and denim jeans for men, women, and children. By providing a diverse range of denim fabrics including organic denim, eco-friendly denim, handwoven Selvedge Denim and offering many options for denimwear customisation such as eco-friendly washing and dyeing, we make our clients brand unique and sustainable.

Handloom Industry

What We Offer
Perfection Today, Pride Tomorrow



Denim Fabric

Jeans Pattern Cut at Jeans Manufacturing factory UK

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Denim Dyeing



Denim Finishing

Handloom Denim Fabrics





Bulk Manufacturing Capacity

We Made For Denim

Ro & Ritzy Denim meets the expanding expectations of fashion-conscious clients by earning the respect of prominent brands on both the local and international scale.

Organic Denim

We offer a variety of eco-friendly hand-woven selvedge denim fabrics, including organic cotton denim, that are woven on traditional shuttle looms and coloured naturally, making them environmentally friendly, soft, and comfortable.

Denim Wash & Dye

We hold expertise in manufacturing and dyeing all kinds of Jeans like jeera dye, Monkey wash, faded, wrinkle, Dummy Monkey dye, Cloud dye. We use high-quality reactive dyes for dyeing jeans which enables us to achieve vibrant colours that won't fade or bleed.


Ro & Ritzy Denims believe in creating not only a better marketplace for our denim, but also better developed denim processes and products that ultimately save the environment and set a leading example for efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing


We constantly strive for better solutions, environmentally friendly products, quality and productivity by investing heavily in infrastructure, technology and human resources.


Although denim is used for making jeans jackets, shirts, and trousers. We can see there is various use of denim. As a manufacturer of denim garments, The company develops latest intrend denim products that identify new market trends, work with various denim fabrics, innovate new washing and dyeing techniques to remain competitive. After all, only innovations can satisfy a thirsty market that wants tomorrow’s products today.

Denim Jacket



Custom Denim Shirts Manufacturing | As a manufacturer of denim shirts, full sleeve shirts, denim, tops, and selvedge shirts for men, women, and kids. By offering various styles, sizes, fabrics, dyeing, printing, and embroidery options, we enable clients to create a brand that is unique to them.

Custom Denim Jackets Manufacturing | We are a bespoke denim jackets manufacturer in UK. We manufacture denim jackets for men, women, and kids, offering various styes, fittings, fabrics, wash and dyeing options.

Custom Denim Jeans Manufacturing | We craft custom denim jeans, denim trousers, and denim shorts from a variety of fabrics, washes, dyes, printings, and embroidery options to create a unique brand for our clients.

Women's Denim Clothes Manufacturing | We provide a wide selection of women's denim apparel manufacturing, including bespoke denim jeans, jackets, skirts, tops, shirts, jumpsuits, dresses, plazos, and many more styles, fittings, fabrics, wash, and dyeing selections.


Men's Custom Denim Clothes Manufacturing | As a leading Men's Denim Clothing Manufacturer and Supplier in the UK and worldwide, we are able to provide our clients with a vast selection of custom denim jeans, jackets, trousers, shorts, jumpsuits, and many more products in various styles, fittings, and fabrics, as well as a range of graphic prints and embroidery options for complete customisation.



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The best selvedge jeans manufacturer in the UK

We believe in innovation and creativity with sustainability, therefore we manufacture jeans and denim wear for men and women from the world's best handwoven khadi selvedge denim fabric, available in a wide variety of weights, structures, and colours. We offer artisanal handloom selvedge denim products. The entire process for producing fabric from fibre is done by hand, including hank dyeing, hand sizing, hand reeling, hand warping, and hand weaving.

We offer wide range of Organic - Sustainable - Eco Friendly Denim Fabrics
GOTS Certified Cotton Denim  jeans Manufacturer in UK
Organic Denim Jeans  and Denim Clothes Manufacturer in UK
Sustainable | Eco Friendly Denim Clothes Manufacturer  in UK


Denim is a diverse fabric, and as a prominent bespoke jeans and denimwear manufacturer in the UK, we serve a range of denim fabrics to make our clients' denim jenas and garments creative enough to stand out in the fashion industry.

Types of denim fabrics we use:


  • Eco-friendly hand-woven selvedge denim fabrics

  • 100% organic cotton denim

  • Raw denim - Handloom Selvedge Denim

  • Washed denim

  • Organic Dyed/Coloured denim

  • Bull denim fabric

  • Stretch denim

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Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 22-27-11 Fabric Varieties Ecofriendly Handwoven Selvedge
Image by Gracia Dharma
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Denim wash is a sequential process involving several steps. major steps we follow are:

  • Pre-treatment: Denim washing begins with the most important and first step, which is: 1. Removing dirt 2. Desizing 3. Reducing the risk of creasing

  • Wash: Our denim garments are washed according to client specifications after pre-treatment. The types of wash we use are: Stone Wash, Rinse Wash, Enzyme wash

  • Tinting  and Dyeing: The indigo dye used in denim is tinted or dyed after washing. This gives the denim garment a used or worn appearance.

  • Damaged: Trousers are partially destroyed.

  • Overdyed: A stoned trouser is overdyed to create many shades and effects.

  • Scrubbed: During this process, the trousers are scrubbed with brushes to achieve a sueded and partially fluffy appearance.

  • Softening: Since denim is a heavy fabric, it needs softening.

Jeans & Denim Clothes Manufacturer UK

The most popular denim fabric color is indigo or blue Denim. R&R's thought process includes an environmentally responsible approach.

Our Blue Jeans and Denim products are dyed with eco-friendly organic vegetable dyes, derived from indigo plants. We use indigo to dye yarn and fabric. The dye is applied in a cold dye bath to ensure maximum absorbency. Denim Blue Jeans that we offer are of high quality and very elegant. Each stitch is carefully constructed and threaded with very strong and durable fibres.

By providing perfectly designed and tailored clothes to our clients, we are able to meet their bulk requirements of Denim clothing.






What Makes Us So Good at Manufacturing Jeans and Denim Wear?

Ro & Ritzy is based in the UK. However,  Ro & Ritzy Company was born in Ahmedabad, India, where our manufacturing units are located in Ahmedabad, India, which is known as the Denim Capital of India as well as being known as the Manchester of India.

Modern technologies are extensively incorporated into our production operations. Innovative concepts are used in our manufacturing process to provide our client's denim wear brand customers with a unique wearing experience. With modern technology, we manufacture our products using cutting edge technology. We use the latest machinery, high quality raw materials, and qualified manpower to manufacture jeans and denim wear at large scale.

We have made Ro & Ritzy one of UK's most reputable sustainable Jeans and Denimwear Manufacturers because of our expertise in textiles and effective planning.




Best Sustainable Custom Apparel & Accessories Manufacturer 2022

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