We are experienced in manufacturing custom sportswear and gym wear garments for our customers. We are able to offer recycled polyester, organic cotton and sustainable finishing on our products. We manufacture high-quality custom clothing for sportswear, athleisure wear, activewear and yoga wear.

Our vast experience in the ladies garment manufacturing business paved the way for us to work with the industry’s leading brands. With years of experience and creativity, we strive to gain the trust and confidence of every client we work with. Count on us to deliver first-rate garments that will meet your expectations.


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Are you looking for a local manufacturer who can fulfill
your brand's goals for sustainable activewear?
Ro & Ritzy is a prominent sustainable activewear manufacturer in UK.
Our experienced team understands the special handling required for manufacturing activewear, sportswear, yoga-wear, workout garments to ensure their comfort and safety. We are one of the most reputable activewear, fitness, sports clothes producer in the UK and international markets.

Women's Activewear / Gymwear  | Ro & RItzy is one of the best Activewear/gym wear clothing manufacturers in UK and India. We are a renowned women's activewear/gym wear leggings, tights, joggers, jackets, sports bras, hoodies, gym pants, tops, t-shirts, polo t-shirts, tracksuits, shorts manufacturer in UK.


Men's Activewear / Gymwear  | Ro & RItzy is a well-known men's activewear/gym/fitness clothing manufacturer and supplier in the UK, known for its high-quality textiles that provide long-lasting comfort. We manufacture custom activewear/gym wear for men including t-shirts, polo t-shirts, flees, track pants, tracksuits, shorts, joggers, hoodies,

Sports T-shirts | Ro & Ritzy has honed its experience in the export of sports t-shirts over the course of its existence. Ro & Ritzy is the superior quality Sports T-Shirts Manufacturers to USA, UK, Canada, Italy, and other countries is gaining the hearts of millions of people all over the globe.  Ro & Ritzy currently holds a distinguished place in the hearts of people because of its reasonable price range.

Tracksuits | We are a UK manufacturer and supplier of high-quality tracksuits. These outstanding tracksuits are commonly utilised for a variety of sports-related activities. These tracksuits, which are specifically created for children, women and men, provide exceptional comfort, durability, and skin-friendliness. The tracksuits are praised for their flawless stitching, soft materials, and durability.

Gym Pants/ Trousers | We manufacture custom gym pants and Trousers for men and women that are lightweight, comfortable, and made of soft fabrics, and these are light and easy to carry, easy-to-wear clothes are breathable and comfy.

Activewear Jackets & Hoodies Manufacturer | We manufacture design specific sports jackets, gym jackets and hoodies for men and women made from a variety of fabrics as per our clients' requests.

As a manufacturer of athletic wear/activewear/yoga-wear/sportswear/workout wear, Every aspect of your organisation will benefit from our comprehensive workwear solutions. Ro & Ritzy has created a world-class supply and stimulated development, allowing us to provide high-quality products at an exceptional value while complying with our ethics.