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I want to start my own garment business. How will you assist me?

We're a 100% export house (EOU) and deal with overseas manufacturing (export) orders. We will help you produce and customise your own brand at the lowest order quantity and most affordable price, no matter where you are or where you want to take the products.

Will you help me build my own brand?

We will undoubtedly assist you in the production of your clothing collection. We proudly strive to tailor your clothes and accessories by presenting you with a wide range of low-priced orders, whether you are a young startup, a small enterprise, a designer, a small boutique, or somewhere in between.

What services can you provide?

We will provide all of the facilities needed to manufacture a garment from start to finish. We begin with pattern making, grading, sample making, fabric procurement, fabric testing, cutting, sewing, printing, machine/hand embroidery, labelling and packaging, dispatching, and worldwide doorstep distribution.

What is your Minimum Order Quantities for cost-effective pricing?

As we are bespoke apparel manufacturers and each order is exclusive, we focus on small and medium-sized production runs for the luxury end of the fashion market. Don't place big orders if you sketches and Idea about your product, place as low as 50* pieces/Design (including different sizes)for ordering.

How do you assist in product development?

We will discuss your concepts with you and advise you on fabrications as well as appropriate stitching, printing, and embroidery techniques to create technical sketches and tech packs that will bring your ideas to life on paper. Simply share your vision and ideas with us, and we'll take care of bringing them to life so you can focus on marketing and building your brand.

What minimum details do you need to get started?

We can develop a garment with a help of a plain back and front image of a garment. Along with that, we need is the size chart and fabric detail. However, it is advisable to provide the maximum information possible with a tech-pack for the quick processing of your request.

How long would it take to produce a sample?

Depending on the specification and materials needed for sample development, it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks from the date we obtain all required details for sampling.

What type of garments do you manufacture?

Our specialisation lies in producing custom clothing for men and women, sportswear, undergarments, uniforms, workwear and accessories, in particular bags, caps, socks and aprons. We provide private labelling, embroidery, printing, denim wear and wash, sublimation and digital printing facilities to our customers for their brand customisation.

What are the fees and payment terms? 

You do not require to pay anything in the name of account set-up charge. We just charge for what we manufacture for you. We do not ask you to pay in advance. Manufacturing cost for sampling and production independently and you need to pay that only later when we start to manufacture your order. No hidden and misleading charges ever!

How much do you charge for sampling and manufacture the order?

We offer free sampling for some of the products. However, Our sampling fees are not set. This can also be waived off at the time of production, depending on the amount you order for the specific type of sampling. Our manufacturing costs are not fixed. It varies according to the design specifications and overall quantity.

What kinds of customization services do you provide?

At Ro & Ritzy, we pride ourselves on giving you full creative control over the design of your clothing to make it come to life. That’s why we have multiple customisation options, ranging from different fabric types, various printing techniques, a vast variety of embroidery options, and sublimation to many finishing options like buttons, zips, and labels such as woven, cloth, satin, ribbon, steel embossed, cotton-fabric and leather labels.

Are my designs safe in your hands?

We have a non-disclosure policy at Ro & Ritzy Apparels, so your designs are not viewed, posted, or provided for comparison to anyone outside the company's eco-system.

How can we be assured of quality product?

At Ro & Ritzy, Garments are 100% reviewed for quality using our 4 Way quality review policy. Before submitting the fabric to the cutting department, it is carefully tested to ensure there are no defects. In between and during all stages of manufacturing, routine inspections are performed. Before the items are sent to the packaging department, they are all subjected to a final inspection. to anyone outside the company's eco-system.

Can you give me an estimate of the shipping cost?

The shipping cost always depends on two things - weight and destination. Hence if you are ready with these two pieces of information, we can give you an estimated shipping cost

Is there any import tax I should be aware of?

Any goods are subject to import duties, which vary depending on the country of shipment, product category and cost. Order may be delayed due to missing information or peak holiday seasons. In these cases, we will contact you via email to resolve any outstanding issues as quickly as possible.

How long would it take for the order to be shipped?

Every order is custom-made. Before shipping your items, we carefully pack your order. Since each piece is made to order, please give 4-8 weeks from the date of order receipt for your item to arrive. You will get a delivery confirmation email/message with your tracking number after your order has arrived.

Can you deliver in my country?

We have a dedicated team in place which offers a hassle-free logistic solution for your consignment including documentation, customs clearance, and doorstep delivery. DHL, FedEx and UPS are our primary carriers. However, we might also use different courier services, which seem best for the delivery location. Other than air shipment, if you want we can arrange seaways shipments as well depending upon consignment weight and port of destination.

Where are your manufacturing units located?

The reason we have strategically located our apparel manufacturing in India so that you can benefit from the cost-saving of at least 50% compared to your other companies. The fashion segment in India is the most robust in the world. It is becoming an increasingly popular destination for fashion production. Major global brands include SEARS, Target, Espirit, GAP, H&M, ZARA, NIKE, PUMA, Tom Taylor and NEXT manufacture garments in India. With our factory, we can make your production with low minimums. 

Are you an ethical apparels manufacturer?

All of our products are made by highly skilled and specialised workers who are paying 30% more than the industry average. This practice improves the product's consistency and encourages them to work with their hearts and souls.

Before we proceed, Is it possible to meet you and discuss with you?

We are pleased to meet you and discuss your ideas and query about the order. We can meet you in London, UK as well as in India, where our production takes place. If you are unable to meet in person, we will discuss your order through video conferencing. Please share your designs, ideas and query with us before we schedule an appointment with you so that we can better assist you in customising your apparel brand and accessories.

How do I begin with you?

The first move is for you to fill out the  contact us form. When we receive your inquiry, we will review the information you have submitted and contact you via email or phone. You can also reach us through Whatsapp for a casual chat or a fast update on anything. We may take up to 24 hours to respond. 

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