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We are a leading Sustainable Workwear and Uniform clothing manufacturer and Supplier in UK. We are experts in manufacturing a diverse range of products such as Workwear Uniform, School Uniform, Corporate Wear, Industrial Wear, Hospital Wear and so on. We provide a sustainable, quality-tested range of uniforms and workwear that are delivered in a variety of fitting options and customisation to meet the needs of the industry.
Work Uniform and Workwear Manufacturers UK
Corporate wear manufacturers UK
Construction wear-safety workwear manufacturers UK
Healthcare Uniforms - Nursing Scrub Manufacturing UK for NHS

We are a prominent workwear and uniform manufacturer in the UK.
Our clients include the UK's leading suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, hospitals, hotels, corporate firms, schools, and universities. We have strategically located our workwear manufacturing operations in India, allowing us to offer high-quality materials and complete customisation for workwear and uniform manufacturing at a low price.


Uniforms for the Healthcare | We work with the NHS, lab cots, care homes, private healthcare, veterinarians, dentists, cosmetic clinics, and universities and colleges. We PPE, specialise in the production of medical uniforms such as dresses, scrubs, nursing tunics, medical pants, ambulance uniform, healthcare tunics and much more.

School Uniform | Looking for a school uniform manufacturer and supplier? We are a prominent School Uniform Manufacturer. We can help you manufacture your ideal school uniform, including blazers, trousers, skirts, shirts, blouses, jumpers, sweaters, cardigans, polo shirts, PE equipment, kilts, summer dresses, and pinafores.

Bespoke Workwear | We manufacture a comprehensive range of high-quality sustainable workwear clothes for a variety of businesses, including TFL, NHS, private sectors, corporate businesses, travel sectors, restaurants, superstores, salons, chain stores, commercial offices, schools, colleges, universities and many more.

Every aspect of your organisation will benefit from our comprehensive workwear solutions.

Ro & Ritzy has created a world-class supply and stimulated development, allowing us to provide high-quality products at an exceptional value while complying with our ethics.

Why choose us for your
workwear and uniform manufacturing?

Ro & Ritzy is a renowned Workwear and Uniform Manufacturer in UK and internationally, specialising in custom-made, high-quality uniforms and workwear while keeping a keen eye on market dynamics and accuracy.


We manufacture high-quality workwear and uniforms under complex quality control procedures.

We can assist you in making your workwear and unform bulk orders more personalised by offering the best quality fabrics, stitching, and trimming options at the lowest price.

Our workwear and uniform are made using latest technology, ensuring that they are long-lasting and resistant to the conditions.

Our top priority is on-time delivery and complete client satisfaction.

Our mission is to manufacture and supply women and men's organic workwear and uniform clothing in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Ro & Ritzy is one of the greatest manufacturers in the UK when it comes to manufacturing organic, sustainable, eco-friendly, and fair trade workwear and uniforms.

We understand the importance of fabric, softness, breathability, and developing sustainable workwear and uniform as significant workwear and uniforms manufacturer. Wearing workwear or uniform for long periods of time is not an easy task. It must be soft, smooth, and skin-friendly. Therefore, we provide the best organic, eco-friendly fabrics that are easy on the skin and It provides long-lasting comfort. 

We manufacture workwear and uniforms offering certified organic and eco-friendly yarn-dyed fabrics.

A wide range of Organic fabrics we offer:

Organic Cotton | GOTS Certified Cotton |  CAMBRIDGE (Hand-Made) | CAMBRIDGE (Printed) |  Canvas |  Denim | Handloom Knits  | LINEN Poplin | Recycle silk | Terry Cotton | Organic Yarn Dyed Cotton |

Organic Jersey | Organic Cotton Jersey | French Terry Cotton | Organic Cotton INTERLOCK | Bamboo Knit Fabric | Hemp Knit Fabric | Aloe vera Knit Fabric

Woven Organic fabrics | Organic Banana Fabric | Organic Tencel | Organic Bamboo | Organic Hemp

Ro & Ritzy believes everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of natural, organic fabric without compromising on design, quantity, or quality.



Best Sustainable Custom Apparel & Accessories Manufacturer 2022

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