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Order Process

Being an Organic, Eco-friendly and Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer, we provide a high-standard manufacturing process that guarantees speed and quality every time you place an order with us. Along with our original clothing manufacturing process, we also offer plenty of other services that your clothing brand may need. We pride ourselves on manufacturing garments and accessories for businesses that seek an all-encompassing solution for their brand needs.

How Your Order is Proce​ssed

Once you place your order, you will start at the very beginning of our standard process which ensures success and delivers the best quality results every time. we are eager to assist your business in any way possible beyond technical drawings to perfect your design and guide you step-by-step throughout the process. We are committed to ensuring that your order meets your needs. If you encounter problems at any point of the process, we are always willing to solve them.

Design and Production Development

  • When you get in touch with us, we discuss your ideas with you and advise on fabrications and suitable customization methods as well as appropriate stitching, printing, and embroidery techniques to develop the tech packs that will bring your ideas onto paper and manufacture your clothing designs accurately. We would love to help you cultivate your vision and see it develop beyond your wildest dreams. We are experts at developing and establishing a technical and design framework to support design innovation.

Fabric, Trim Sourcing & Sample Development

  • When design, tech pack and measurement ready, we getting patterns ready for creating prototype for your approval. Our sourcing staff works with a vast network of suppliers in the industry, fabric mills and trim suppliers to provide you with a wide variety of high quality knitted & woven fabrics, zippers, buttons, labels and other accessories. Ro & Ritzy then develops ideas for samples in its devoted sample lines with professional staff. The ready prototype can be directly sent to you or you can view it through video conference as well as pictures can be sent at your request to save time and cost. If you need any modification on the sample, design and details like fitting, print colours and size, we will finalise and make changes at your request in order to construct an appropriate design and prototype before bulk production starts.

Bulk Production

  • Get ready for bulk processing! After receiving sample approval and order, we start bulk production. Our specialised staffs cut the fabric by the pattern, design, and prototype you approved. Following the completion of the cutting process, each of our sewers focuses on the specific parts of the product and professionally finishes the product. We will do a final check at the end of bulk production, after any required trimming, to ensure that all products are modelled after the prototype you accepted. The lead times for manufacturing apparel generally tend to be 4-8 weeks depending on order size & complexity.

Final Quality Check & Packing

  • We pride ourselves on maintaining the best quality for your items at every stage. That’s why we have implemented a robust 4 stage process to deliver your clothing in the most excellent of conditions. To begin, the fabric and materials we source go through a rigorous quality check for any defects. As soon as bulk production commences, our workers who handmake your items can individually check that every item meets the exacting standards. Finally, after the clothing makes it off the production line, they go through a final quality check when they’re packaged individually by an operative.

The Final Delivery and Results

  • After our rigorous quality control and procedure, your delivery is almost complete! Your products will begin through our global network of distributors who work hard to ensure that they arrive safely and smoothly. They’ll be transported directly from our factories to your UK office or home, or even overseas if you desire. Because we know that your business has a time frame and budget unlike any other, we work with deliverers who can provide standard and express plans to get your items to you at whatever speed you desire.

Now that you’re familiar with our manufacturing process, we’re excited to work with you and your small business needs to build your next line of customisable clothing. We’re here to not only provide you with the highest quality products at the cheapest price but to guide you in your design needs and questions every step of the way. At Ro & Ritzy, we guarantee that we’ll exceed your expectations. Come place your order with us today.


We offer our complete support as soon as you contact us about any questions or order inquiries. Even if you’re new to the entire process or simply just have a vision, we’re excited to get you started. No matter what your goal is, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction and provide you with a full guarantee that your order will fulfill the highest standards and expectations. If you run into issues at any point in the process, we’ll always be reliable to resolve the problems you encounter. Because we’re confident in our process, we’ll fully guarantee your satisfaction with our streamlined production process or replace your order without hesitation.

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